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Personal Training:

Your Health to Gain and Nothing to Lose



Progress not perfection

As a fitness trainer, we want to do our best to understand your challenges, help you conquer them and gain confidence in your abilities. We begin with a physical assessment that considers past and current injuries or discomfort, as well as strength, balance, coordination, and daily activities.

In addition to the free physical assessment, we'll sit down for a “get to know you” discussion where you tell me about your preferences and goals. We then design a specific exercise program that suits your needs, wants, and intentions. Each workout session is unique to avoid boredom through repetitive exercises, and so your muscles get the maximum benefit.

Your fitness goals are never trivial, no matter if it's the ability to run a marathon, lose 20 pounds, babysit a grandchild, or simply walk your dog. Whatever it may be, it can be accomplished through our hard work and our skills as the top personal trainers in Central New Jersey.


Not Your Typical Personal Trainer

Customized Fitness Programs

Low Cost Personal Training

Training With Medical Conditions


Personal Training that will Change Your Life

My personal trainer made an exercise plan that I could follow with her guidance at the gym and then on my own at home. We worked on core strength, balance as well as other issues. She gave me the confidence at the gym that carried outside too.
— Robin - Somerset, NJ



Personal Training At Home For Seniors

No matter how young or old, physical goals are essential to better our health and lives. By having a senior personal trainer come to her house, Lila never misses a beat.

Training With Jean and Kim

This is the ultimate mother-daughter workout duo! Kim and Jean not only break a sweat but enjoy quality time together during their fitness training sessions.

Tennis With Naomi

At 82 years young Naomi can't keep herself off the court. Senior personal training has kept her joints stabilized and strong so she can stay in the game.

In-Home Personal Training With Mara and Elliot

Traveling to a gym is not right for everyone. Mara and Elliot bring personal training to their home so there is never an excuse to not workout.

Training Outside With Tanya

Who wouldn't want to train outside on a beautiful day? Personal training for couples clients Al and Tanya love to take advantage of the nice weather to get a good core workout in on the BOSU.

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