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Low-Cost Personal Training


Fitness Training That fits your budget

Personal Training is a life changing choice, but with other personal trainers, rates and fees can be a huge expense for you. We dedicate ourselves to our clients' health and fitness. That's why we offer some of the most reasonable and affordable personal training rates in Somerset, Piscataway, Edison and the surrounding area. The goal behind our low training costs is to reduce the stress of paying for a trainer and thereby enhancing your performance and outcomes of our sessions. 


In Gym Rates

The commitment we make to our clients is to give you the most bang for your buck from each fitness session. As a result, clients often choose to purchase packages, so each session will cost even less. Lastly, purchasing multiple sessions at once allows you to fit training into your schedule as a continuous commitment, turning it into a routine, and raising your chance of success.


Single Session

(1/2  Hour)

Individual Price: $50/Session

Couples Price: $75/Session

15 Sessions

(1/2 Hour)

Individual Price: $45/Session

Couples Price: $70/Session

Single Session

(1 Hour)

Individual Price: $65/Session

Couples Price: $95/Session

15 Sessions

(1 Hour)

Individual Price: $60/Session

Couples Price: $85/Session

*No refunds on purchased sessions


In Home Personal Training Rates* (1 Hour)

Individual Price: $85/Session

Couples Price: $120/Session

Package: Individual  

Buy 15 sessions at $75/hour (Savings of over $100) 

Package: Couple 

Buy 15 at $110/hour (Savings of over $100) 

*Rates for personal training may be higher if the client is located outside of the Piscataway/Somerset adjacent service radius. Call us to get more information on the rates.


Cancellation Policy 

Notice of cancellation for a personal training session must be provided at least 12 hours in advance or you will be charged for the session. Clients will not be charged if the personal trainer cancels training session. Advanced notice will be provided.

Waiver of the cancellation policy due to emergency situations is at the discretion of the personal trainer. No refunds on Purchased Sessions.


How much does personal training cost in New Jersey?

The average cost of hiring a personal trainer can range from $15/hour to $500/hour. This price greatly depends on where you live. The cost to hire a personal trainer in Central New Jersey is often less expensive than New York City, but more expensive than Southern NJ. 

Like most things, you get what you pay for. If you hire a cheap personal trainer, you'll often get poor service. The experience of the trainer, any personal training specialties, and extra services can also increase the price. Additionally, the cost for at-home personal training is often higher than the price for in-studio fitness sessions to offset the trainer's travel time.

At Be Healthy Personal Trainer, we strive to offer affordable personal training that gives you the full value for the price. We offer full 1-hour sessions, while other fitness studios in Highland Park or Metuchen only have 45 or 50 minute sessions. Each trainer also provides weekly exercise programs for you to do at home to help you succeed in your fitness goals. It is this total dedication to helping you reach your goals that separates a Be Healthy Personal Trainer from any other fitness instructor price in Somerset or Middlesex County.