Our Certified Personal Trainers


Meet The Best Team Of Certified Personal Trainers In Central NJ 

At Be Healthy Personal Trainer, we are a team of certified fitness professionals dedicated to your health, well being and the fitness goals you strive for. Each of our certified personal trainers has a background in healthcare and physical therapy so they maintain a higher level of knowledge about the body. This expertise provided to our clients makes our fitness specialists the best certified personal trainers in Edison, Piscataway, Somerset, Metuchen and all of Central New Jersey.


Dara Grzesh, Owner & Certified Personal Trainer


Dara founded Be Healthy Personal Trainer because she saw that the health and fitness industry lacks a specialization of personal training for seniors, post-rehab and chronic health conditions. So Dara created a fitness program to combine the weight loss and healthy lifestyle focus of a personal trainer, with the understanding of the musculoskeletal system and emphasis on injury prevention of a physical therapist. And then she made it fun! 

Dara spent four years gaining an intricate knowledge of the human body while working closely beside physical therapists at the Saint Peter's Sports Medicine Clinic in Somerset, as a trainer and assisting patients with exercise programs. As a top fitness specialist, Dara does her best to understand your challenges, help you conquer them and gain confidence in your abilities.

Each session with Dara is unique to avoid boredom through repetitive exercises, and so your muscles get the maximum benefit. Dara is beloved by her clients because of her expertise, fitness creativity and her ability to connect on a personal level with clients of all ages and demographics.


 Kassandra Rodriguez, Certified Personal Trainer


For Kassandra, exercise is a big part of her life. She believes that it is a priority to show her clients how fun exercise can be and how you can learn to make fitness a part of your everyday routine. With her knowledge of exercise science, physical therapy and military background, Kassandra always makes sure that whoever she trains with does so in a safe fashion while finding enjoyment in reaching their physical goals.

Being a member of the Armed Forces Marine Corps where exercise is a necessity, has made Kassandra very passionate about fitness and getting others to exercise. Although she is a Marine, as a personal trainer she is anything but a drill instructor. Instead, she incorporates the regimentation and discipline of the military method into each unique fitness program created for her clients.

Apart from spending her time as a personal trainer in Piscataway, NJ, Kassandra is a current Rutgers senior studying Exercise Science and has achieved an outstanding knowledge of how the body functions as we move and work out. Kassandra also has experience as a physical therapy tech for Trinity Rehab in Somerville, NJ. While there, she has gained valuable hands-on knowledge and has worked with a wide variety of patients including senior citizens, kids and adults. This experience allows her to incorporate safe and efficient techniques into each of her fitness programs.


Gabrielle Nierenberg, Certified Personal Trainer


Gabrielle graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick with a degree in Exercise Science Applied Kinesiology. Her passion for exercise and movement began as soon as she could walk.  From a young age Gabrielle has grown up a dancer and an athlete. Gabrielle was even a member of the elite Division 1, Rutgers University Dance Team. 

Gabrielle understands the struggles one may face when coming back from a serious injury or surgery. She tore both of her ACLs while playing high school soccer. Her passion, dedication and enthusiasm allowed her to get back on the field. Today Gabrielle is a certified personal trainer as well as a professional dancer who has performed nationally and internationally in various shows.

Gabrielle is passionate about helping people live a healthy lifestyle. From her experience interning under physical therapists at St. Peters Hospital in New Brunswick, her background in dance and athletics and her education in Kinesiology she uses her knowledge to provide her fitness training clients the best care possible. Gabrielle has experience working with various demographics including experienced athletes as well as first timers, kids, seniors and groups. Sessions with Gabrielle are fun, challenging, and rejuvenating.